I'm gonna pop some taaags

only got $20 in ma pocket...this is fcuking awesome...that's what Macklemore has told us.

So when a ladyfriend told me she was heading to a well known vintage market one fine Saturday morming 'why not?' is what I said, donned my hat and off I went.

This ma hat.                                                                                                                      And ma face. 

So I turn up at East End Thrift store which is down a little passage off Mile End Road (opposite the Tesco and Sports Direct) and happen upon the first surprise of the day - there was a queue. A queue to go into a converted warehouse in Stepney Green. Sure. This is my first sign I am somewhere that is a little bit trend. Second sign is the contents of the queue. My friend and I looked like we'd turn up to look for our younger sister who should be at home cleaning the bathroom or perhaps we'd come to baby sit some of the younglings.

As I now comfortably reside in the 'late-20s' category I am getting used to turning up places and thinking 'gosh, all these young people!' but these young people were very young. Like, high school young. When did 15yr olds start thinking it's cool to wear 2nd hand clothes?! Whatever. These 15yr olds were all much cooler than me. 

He was my favourite. 

After queuing for circa 20mins, that is correct, 20 mins; we're in.

The lady at Sports Direct, which we visited after, was rather bemused by the whole thing and very curious as to how it works. So here is how it works. The warehouse is split into 2 rooms. In room 1 (above) you buy a plastic bag for either £10 or £20. You then fill that bag with as many items of clothing as you can. My friend and I shared a £20 bag and each managed to get 4 or 5 items. So...£2 each? Bargain! 

There are whole racks dedicated purely to denim shirts, tops and jackets. So if you are in the market for some vintage denim, it is defo worth a look. The rest is racks on racks on racks of a mish mash of all kinds of 80's and 90's attire. If you are good at having a bit of a rummage and have an eye for things that could work, it is bound to be fruitful and for £10 or £20 why not? 

In room 2 there are less items, though still a good amount and items are individually priced so not as cheap as next door. 

Good selection of bomber, suede and leather jackets if you are so inclined.

I totally lost my mind with the 80's sequinned bonanza that was occurring in here. Amazing 80's tops and dresses! If you have the occasion and the brass absolutely get yourself down there and get your life. 

 I LOVED this one! It's soooo 80s my eyes hurt. So much fun. 

These two beauts are just...beaut. Queue the smoke machine and the hair spray!

Oooo check you! 

I did get a couple of items, as I mentioned above, buuut...ummm... they are currently residing in my washing basket and 'wash clothes' is about number 73 on my 'to do' list. So no pics yet of the stuff I got but, will update in due course. 

Overall, good fun, worth a look, bargains to be had, diamonds in the rough to be found, will be back. 

Till next time,

Shades of blue on a grey day

Glorious grey clouds hanging over London in the middle of summer means that it will be pissing it down intermittently throughout the day but, it is still hot as hell. It is London's version of a monsoon. Delightful. But never one to complain (!) I decided to do shades of blue to compliment this grey day. 

See, it really was cloudy. 

Gotta keep your brolly handy! 

Blazer: New Look, Top: H&M, Jeans: Forever 21, Boots: Clarks.


 I basically spend the entire time I should be concentrating on taking decent pictures looking at other people and asking 'what the chuff are they doing? Oh hell no, not in my park!'. That's right, my park.

Oh no, scrap this photo session, I've spotted a cute puppy, I'm out. 
Later gaters! X